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The Cross Hands Food Park is the first designated centre of excellence for food technology in the whole of Wales, is a joint venture between Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, and is the centre piece of the county’s economic strategy. It is well placed at the heart of a vibrant food producing county with numerous high quality suppliers based nearby thus reducing food miles for production. The Food Park incorporating Incubator Food Production Units is fully serviced for all major food processing activities, is uncluttered and has full access roads in place.

That is why key businesses have committed to growing their businesses here. Irish company Dawn Pac, despite other options and locations, twice expanded and now occupies a 200,000 sq.ft food processing facility on 20 acres of the 50 acre Food Park’ situated near the A48/M4 at Junction 49 connecting to both east and westbound carriages.

Cross Hands Food Park is only one in a portfolio of development sites, all within minutes of the M4 and a large skilled workforce within short driving distance. A total of £50million is being invested here, with the aim of providing opportunities for food producers and ancillary support businesses to add value to the raw product.

Prime location

Twenty-first century companies are looking for more than a workspace; they need an environment where they can grow. The Cross Hands Food Park offers this with excellent road links but none of the major problems of congestion, gridlock and traffic pollution.

It has the dual advantage of a rural location, with a high quality of life, and a stable locally-based workforce, plus rapid access to local labour markets, services and suppliers across a region which contains the key population centres of Swansea, Carmarthen, Llanelli and Ammanford. 


The Food Park is strategically located near the A48/M4 at Junction 49, some twelve miles north of Swansea, and an hour’s drive west of Cardiff. It offers direct links with the UK motorway network via the M4 and the ongoing dualling of the A465 provides direct access to markets in the Midlands.

The M4 is part of the arterial EuroRoute to and from Ireland, across the UK and into the continent.

Rail and Air

The Ireland-Cardiff-London main railway line runs through Carmarthenshire linking again to the Irish Ports at Swansea, Fishguard and Pembroke a few miles away. Cardiff International airport is within easy reach of the Food Park. It operates a range of scheduled services to UK and European destinations and provides a gateway to other international services.


Modern communications mean far more than physical links. Local companies are already making extensive use of broadband and internet technologies.

Whilst Wales was the first region in the UK to develop a Regional Technology Plan, Carmarthenshire was already putting technological innovation into action. With three of the country’s planned Techniums as centres for research and development and as incubator units for new companies and products, the county is in the lead. Carmarthenshire is building for the future – and is open for business.

The Cross Hands Food Park is a model for the industrial locations of the twenty-first century, taking advantage of modern technology and communications to allow development in pleasant surroundings which offer a high quality of life, as well as commercial promise.

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